News: Irish Routed by British Air Elements

6th March 1989: British royalist and republican forces in Northern Ireland launched a massive co-ordinated counter-attack across the province against the invading Irish Republic forces.

Under relentless air attack by Royalist Army Air Lynx helicopters and Republican Air Force Tornadoes flying out of bases in Scotland, Irish AFV's were targeted in an around the clock bombardment before Royal Irish and Ulster Defence Force troops launched a ground assault on the night of the 5th.

Shell shocked Irish Defence Force troops streamed back across the border as territory in both the east and south of Ulster was recovered by British forces.

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  1. Hey man, would LOVE to hear about the commonwealth like New Zealand, Australia and the such. I assume they would side with the royalists since the only tie they have legally back to the UK is the Sovereign as our/ their head of state. So would they provide military aid? Civic or economic aid? Any aid at all? Maybe a "Commonwealth Volunteer Force" like the Americans to help without the country really taking a side? Would love to read about them in your next "broadcast"