News: US Refuses To Withdraw Troops From UK

25th October 1988: President Reagan refused to Prime Minister Cranwell's demand that all US forces are withdrawn from the United Kingdom by the end of October. Reagan stated that such a move would "endanger the security of the United States" adding the "Americans don't bow to threats from jumped up little Commies".


  1. Control the Energy control the country..

    Tory-Loyal units return to Orgreave and Maltby mineheads to control the nations coal supply.

    Militant Locals, recalling Government action in years past organize and deal blows to the insurgents.

    Lancashire miners welcome the Tory action.
    So began the Coal Wars, which was to scar unionism and Industry for Generations, long after the Civil War was won.

    Head of the hastily assembled Northern Citizen Reaction Force, Arthur Scargill, seizes mineheads and pushes through a TUC ban on operating, servicing loading or unloading US shipping and aircraft.

    US bases fall under "People's Sieges", nothing goes in or out and some bases which can't be airdropped are abandoned.

  2. the times: