Terrain: High Rise Ruins

Looking for some inspiration for my Whirarwistan project I came across this excellent (and cheap) tutorial on constructing bombed out high rise buildings on Doctor Merkury's Lab. Whilst these have been made with the Lebanon in mind they would be perfect for any bombed out cityscape like Liverpool in the 2ECW (and they could be used for other 28mm games such as WWII and 40K). Inspiring stuff, all the Modern Wargaming labelled posts are worth looking at...

News: Bitter Fighting As Royalists Advance

17th January 1989: Republican resistance grew stronger as the Royalists continued to advance in Operation Teal. After a day of bitter hand to hand fighting the Gurkhas captured Stansted Airport from elements of the Republican Parachute Regiment and The King's Regiment began advancing along the A1060 London Road after clearing Bishop's Stortford of enemy troops. To the east Royalist armour captured Maldon before swinging back along the A12 cutting Republican forces in Chelmsford off from reinforcements.

News: Royalists Launch Offensive On London

16th January 1989: Royalist forces commenced Operation Teal, the offensive to capture the capital and smash the Republican movement. Following an intensive artillery barrage and air strikes on key targets, Royalist armour and troops commenced a two pronged pincer attack with one thrust attacking towards Bishop's Stortford and the other towards Chelmsford. Despite fierce Republican resistance the Royalists had invested Stansted and captured Witham by the end of the first day of the offensive.

News: "England's Darkest Hour"

15th January 1989: BBC News reported the visit to the frontline north of London by Prime Minister Cranwell who addressed Republican troops giving his famous "England's Darkest Hour" speech.

The speech criticised "the forces of the Monarcho-Capitalist oppressors who would snuff out the light of democracy in England, a light that has shone as a beacon for the world for a thousand years" and promised that "our struggle will echo through history and we will emerge victorious from England's darkest hour with the torch of democracy shining brighter".

With the final Royalist offensive on London expected within days, the Republicans rushed militia and para-military units to the frontline to bolster the Republican army and territorial units.

News: Soviet Advisors Land In Dublin

12th January 1989: 500 Soviet advisors and numbers of tanks and APC's were landed at Dublin Harbour as part of the Shannon Agreement signed between the Republic of Ireland and the Soviet Union in December 1988. The Soviet forces arrived to beef up the Arm na h√Čireann following increasing concerns in the Republic that the civil war in Britain be used by extremist elements in Ulster to further their agendas and would inevitably spread into the South as political control from England disintegrated.

News: Royalist Offensive Captures Colchester

10th January 1989: Sky News reported the capture of Colchester as the Royalist offensive swung east after capturing Cambridge.

The Household Cavalry Regiment supported by the Green Howards and Royal Welch Fusiliers smashed through the Republican defensive line held by elements of the Worcestershire & Sherwood Foresters Regiment and Territorial London Regiment, troops from the latter defecting to the Royalist side during the battle.

Republican reinforcements were moved swiftly to Chelmsford to protect the capital from a swift enemy thrust down the A12 axis and troops in Saffron Walden withdrawn to Bishop's Stortford to prevent them being outflanked.

Rules: Force On Force

First off apologies for the lack of updates on the blog. This year, as you may have seen on my Bleaseworld blog, I've been trying to focus my wargaming activities into specific topics each month. Whilst this has been quite productive from an Ancients, WWII and RCW point of view, there was never an intention to forget to keep England Prevails ticking over.

However the good news is that the Royal Wedding and Amazon's 43% off the rrp offer on Force on Force has seen the juices starting to flow again. Largely this is down to Force on Force which has rekindled my interest in moderns and not only kickstart this project but also embark on a parallel late 1980's Cold War clash between the US and USSR in far off Whirarwistan.

If you haven't checked out Force on Force I highly recommend you do so. It is a very flexible system allowing you to fight different types of battle between regulars or with regulars against irregulars in a very small areas (two foot square table recommended for 15 and 20mm). Perfect for either the streets of Liverpool or some mud brick hovel in Whirarwistan.

Also, as part of my theme focus months, May is "moderns month" in Bleaseworld and I plan to not only paint up some troops for Whirarwistan, but also some of the 28mm's I bought for the planned FIBUA games in the 2ECW.