News: Coldstream Guards Capture Tank Factory

30th November 1988: ITN News reported that 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards had captured the Vickers Defence Systems factory in Leeds where the Challenger MBT was produced. This was a major blow to the Cranwell Government and led to a number of army units declaring support for the mutineers against the National Unity Government. Fighting started to break out across the country and units loyal to the Government were tasked with stopping rebel troops joining up with the Guards in the north.

Miniatures: British Infantry

My Red Star Chechen's/Docker's Militia arrived a little while back and have been sat on the workbench waiting for me to organise some British weapons for a couple of them (whilst the Militia will have easy access to Soviet weapons, typically from Ulster, I want some to have British or US weapons for variety). The nice thing about the Red Star miniatures is that a number come with separate weapons so it'll be quite easy to replace an AK74 with an SA80 or whatever...

Finding a source of British and US weapons was surprisingly easy with The Assault Group not only have a nice selection but also a reasonable range of modern British infantry. I must confess the latter don't look wonderful in the photos but I am a big fan of Richard Ansell's sculpting so in a leap of faith I've ordered a squad of helmeted infantry and a squad of paras (plus some spare weapon packs).

My 28mm 2ECW excursion will be for some urban skirmishes primarily set in Liverpool so I need to hunt out some suitable Dinky cars to burn out for scenery. Not sure about AFV's, a few wouldn't go amiss and the Britannia/Inkerman Saracen is very tempting. I am toying with some SCW style home made AFV's but not sure if that's a bit too Mad Max...

Blogs: The Winter of '79

First off apologies for a month of no updates on England Prevails but real life work has become somewhat tiresome and heavy which coupled with a few health problems led to some inactivity. However I'm on the mend and will be back on the update and gaming trail very soon.

Secondly, and more interestingly is we are not alone! No, I don't mean the little grey men have landed but Mark of Dropship Horizon fame has set up a similar themed blog to this called Winter of '79, wargaming an alternate timeline in Thatcherite Britain which looks really interesting and I hope you'll all follow as well.