Scenario: The Battle of Catthorpe Interchange

Background: Rebel Guards units are advancing up the M1 towards Leeds and the Royal Ordnance Factory. Having seen Loyalist Territorial troops brushed aside at Milton Keynes by the rebels, the Government swiftly moves elements of the loyal 2nd Parachute Regiment to positions around Catthorpe in an attempt to delay the rebel troops and allow stronger units to be moved into position to intercept the Guards before they seize the Royal Ordnance Factory.

Rules: this scenario has been written with Cold War Commander in mind.

Guards Battlegroup:

1 x CO
2 x HQ

2 x Guards Mech Inf Battalion each of:
6 x platoons in FV-432
1 x 81mm Mortar in FV-432
1 x Milan ATGW
1 x Blowpipe SAM
1 x Recce Scorpion

1 x FAO
3 x Abbot
1 x FAC (CV 6)
1 x Jaguar GR.1

Paratroop Battlegroup:

1 x CO
3 x HQ
6 x Para platoons in trucks (2 x LAW-80 upgrades)
2 x GPMG
2 x Milan ATGW
2 x 81mm mortars

1 x FAO
1 x 105mm w Land Rover 1 tonne

1 x FAC
1 x Harrier I

Victory Conditions: the victory conditions for scenario 5 (Breakthrough Attack) should be used.

Terrain: as per map. The Guards enter from the south and must exit to the north.

Notes: the command value of the Guards FAC is lower than normal as the loyalty of the RAF has not been confirmed and at this point they are less likely to side with the rebels.


  1. I'll give this a try out using my NBC (NATO Brigade Commander) rules. Hopefully you'll get quite a few game reports from readers.


  2. Getting up the M1 without any resistance is bad enough.

  3. Hi,

    Been really enjoying this blog. Am just getting in to Modern micro with Cold War Commander and keen to try some stuff related to this. Maybe shift some action to Europe, or bring some Canadians in to help out!

    Look forward to seeing more.