Miniatures: British Infantry

My Red Star Chechen's/Docker's Militia arrived a little while back and have been sat on the workbench waiting for me to organise some British weapons for a couple of them (whilst the Militia will have easy access to Soviet weapons, typically from Ulster, I want some to have British or US weapons for variety). The nice thing about the Red Star miniatures is that a number come with separate weapons so it'll be quite easy to replace an AK74 with an SA80 or whatever...

Finding a source of British and US weapons was surprisingly easy with The Assault Group not only have a nice selection but also a reasonable range of modern British infantry. I must confess the latter don't look wonderful in the photos but I am a big fan of Richard Ansell's sculpting so in a leap of faith I've ordered a squad of helmeted infantry and a squad of paras (plus some spare weapon packs).

My 28mm 2ECW excursion will be for some urban skirmishes primarily set in Liverpool so I need to hunt out some suitable Dinky cars to burn out for scenery. Not sure about AFV's, a few wouldn't go amiss and the Britannia/Inkerman Saracen is very tempting. I am toying with some SCW style home made AFV's but not sure if that's a bit too Mad Max...

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  1. I like the Assault Group squaddies. Prefer Mongrels NATO Brits with SLRs but slightly out of your timeframe.

    That Britannia 28mm Saracen is very tempting in deed.

    I think homebuilt AFVs based on plant would work.