News: Mitterrand Calls For French Volunteers

27th December 1988: Following the attacks on shipping in the English Channel by the Royal Air Force and the attack on the French Mirages by the RAF Tornadoes, French President Mitterrand called upon France to form a volunteer legion to help protect "liberty and democracy against the fascist royalist faction in Great Britain". Volunteers were drawn from and equipped by the French armed forces although Mitterrand was clear to state that France itself would remain neutral, albeit sympathetic to the legitimately elected government in London.


  1. Yes, I do realise Mitterrand is spelt incorrectly on Le Monde - sloppy French journalists had too much vino celebrating a Joyeux Noël...

  2. ha ha très bon! Vive le président Mitterrand! Mort aux fascistes anglais... Hem, sorry. Very good idea for your background. I may be tempted to do a similar project, one day. Damn you!

  3. Nice to see you back - and well done for getting the French in to the war!

  4. Civil War and Frenchmen!
    The only thing is that French forces fighting on the side of parliament would be a great recruiting aid for the Royalists. :)

  5. I love the idea.

    However I think that Rear-Admiral Jack-Aubrey RN would not approve of French soldiers marching in Piccadilly square ;)