News: Republican Army Repulses M25 Attack

24th January 1989: the Hampshire Regiment supported by elements of the 3rd Republican Tank Regiment repulsed a heavy Royalist probe on their positions near Epping.

Royalist forces including the 1st Royal Tank Regiment, Royal Welch Fusiliers and Duke of Wellington’s Regiment launched a dawn attack on the Republican defence line in an attempt to follow up on their earlier successful attacks.

Fierce fighting around Barber's Wood and Theydon Mount saw heavy casualties on both sides, the Royalist attack being finally beaten off with the timely assistance of Republican Air Force Harriers operating out of Stapleford Aerodrome, despite it being targeted by Royalist artillery.


  1. What is the 3rd Republican Tank Regiment equipped with...AMX30s from the French or Chieftains?

  2. Chieftains. At present most units still have their original equipment...