Miniatures: Liverpool Dockers Militia

I've been thinking a bit further about ideas for gaming in this background and have decided that initial battles in the late '80's and early '90's will probably be in 10mm as I really like the look of Minifigs N scale range, however as England collapses into chaos in the early 21st century I have decided that it will not be possible to resist the lure of 28mm...

Whilst I envisage the Royalists controlling large swathes of Northern England, there will be Republican hold-out cities such as Liverpool and Sheffield, under almost constant siege. This would mean that the Republicans would need to supplement their garrisons with militias and inspired by the VBCW Red Workers Militia Unit on Jim's Wargames Blog I've ordered some Chechen troops from Red Star Miniatures which I think will paint up well as a group of "Bolshie Scousers" (anything too Chechen will need removing and I will look to replace some of the Russian weapons with British and American ones if I can find a good source).


  1. This is a great project Steve.
    It would make an AWESOME rulebook. You seem to have an in depth knowledge of the ECW and having lived through the 80s has got to help. All I know of it is from GCSE textbooks on the IRA!
    I look forward to seeing where your games take you, how you paint your minis. I've been tempted by AVBCW, but this is a tempting other swing at it.


  2. All they need is a brazier and a couple of placards and you could imagine them outside a factory/dock gate!

    As Mongrel's excellent 28mm NATO Brits arent available readily in the UK just now - I'll fall back on Britannia, RH Models and Combat/ex-Hotspur in 20mm - the latter providing a great range of suitable figure types in its Urban Operations range.


  3. I've been playing AVBCW and contributing on the writing side in the last couple of books, and would agree that this would make a great game setting, and that you should think of compliling it all into a book for sale.

    Its a great idea, and has promopted me into playing this period, though I may set me in current time period, as there are a lot of new 28mm minis.

    Look forward to futher developments, great work, keep it up.

  4. Oh by the way, Hassle Miniatures have modern British and US weapon sprues for sale.