Rules: Gaming the 2nd English Civil War

As the country is poised on the bring of civil war I've taken a quick breather to consider gaming the conflict. The original idea was to use my old 20mm moderns and this still is a primary driver, but as I've been developing the background various other ideas have occurred to me.

First off, with the Guards moving up the M1, is using Cold War Commander. I bought a set a while back to allow me to use my 6mm Soviets, possibly in Afghanistan but it occurred to me that some of the larger 2ECW battles with adhoc battlegroups would be a lot of fun (especially as I like tanks!). As I only have Russkis in 6mm I am pondering whether to go 10mm which will allow more character to the forces or maybe the other end of the spectrum with 3mm...

For small scale infantry actions I intend to use ColdWar: 1983. Mike Baumann did a great job converting Panzerfauste to modern infantry combat and I love the GUTS mechanism which recreates the 'friction' of combat so elegantly.

Skirmishes between regulars, territorials, militia, para-militaries and foreign volunteers in 28mm are very, very tempting especially with some of the excellent 28mm moderns on the market.

Another idea is to use AK-47 Republic. This may seem a bit weird but I envisage that the infrastructure breakdown across the UK will be pretty extreme in part. Not quite Twilight 2000 but not far off in parts.

The political element of the game may also suit what I am trying to achieve with a lot of ideologically motivated troops of varying military ability. I haven't got a copy so will need to pick one up sometime soon...

Finally when considering the split in the Army I was pondering the response of the RAF. For the most part I anticipate the (newly renamed) Republican Air Force will remain loyal to the government, although there will be elements that join the rebellion and of course, foreign volunteer forces (how can I resist the idea of A-10's flying over our "Green And Pleasant Land"?).

Obviously I will plump for AirWar: C21 here.


  1. I remember A-10s flying very low over the 'green and pleasant' corner of Cambridgeshire near Alconbury. Their appearance used to brighten up that stretch of the A1 considerably. Any lower and they'd have left scorch marks on the roof of my car!

    I look forward to refighting some of your forthcoming battles.

  2. Nothing for naval elements? Harpoon maybe?

    What if one or more of the nuclear subs goes rogue in a Hunt for Red October like scenario or if the Americans decide to hunt down the rogue nations subs?

    Plus there are plenty of options for surface operations as one side or the other tries to blockade the other or outflank using a naval landing.

  3. "Nothing for naval elements?"

    Might do, some coastal stuff might be fun.

    "Harpoon maybe?

    Good God no!

  4. Stick with 3mm - Plenty of choice from Oddział Ósmy and possibly Tumbling Dice. Did I mention they are also considerably cheaper than 6mm minis ? :D

  5. Have you considered THE FACE OF MODERN BATTLE for the skirmish side of things? A detailed set of rules that has a very in-depth equipment portfolio for NATO and WP forces.

    It looks like I may be able to use my Mongrel Miniatures East Germans as 'Peoples Militia'... :)

  6. I would also like to throw AMBUSH ALLEY and FORCE ON FORCE into the ring as good Modern Rules. GEEZERS might just be suitable for the underworld /blackmarket ops too.

    Funnily Piotr I was just looking at Oddział Ósmy for large scale battles. They do a cracking Chieftain and the 1980's British AFVs look just right.