Miniatures: Armed Police (revisited)

My Killer B order arrived today and although they are a little bit chunky, in a fit of enthusiasm I started converting three of them to sport SA80's, replacing arms and hands as necessary. Allowing the Green Stuff to dry I had a quick look at TMP and swore...

Urban Beat Miniatures have just released their first miniatures - 28mm modern British police with guns! The figures are nowhere near as caricatured as the Killer B ones and look like they will fit in a whole lot better with Red Star and TAG. I've ordered a pack of the Armed Response Unit and a pack of the CO19, now I need to work out what to do with the Killer B conversions...


  1. Hello, I also just saw them on the TMP and was thinking about your previous blog entry and was just getting ready to send you a comment about this new figures...but I see that you found out about them already.

    When you get them, please post a comparison with some of the other manufacturers. I am really thinking of ordering a couple of different sets myself and wonder how they compare to the Warm Acre's "No Go Zone" miniatures and Offensive Miniatures "Riots" miniatures.

    Sapper Joe

  2. Thanks for the reminder on Warm Acre and Offensive, they'd both slipped my mind. I do like the look of the Offensive SWAT teams (whether for this project or another I have in mind).