Miniatures: Civilian Vehicles

When considering some 28mm skirmishing I really hadn't thought of the problem of civilian vehicles. I want some cars and vans to transport militia or be burnt out scenery but where from. I had it in my head to pick up some old Dinky or Corgi models off eBay but having had a quick look for a Transit am stuck on the issue of scale (ie. what scale to use and what scale are the models anyway?) and what model Transit is appropriate (I'd forgotten how much they'd changed over the last couple of decades - and whilst I can tell the difference between a PzIV Ausf D and a PzIV Ausf H, buggered if I know anything about Transits).

On the subject of scale having looked at the comparison table on Big Lee's blog it looks like something from 1/48 to 1/56 would be ok, especially when the miniatures are based as this will increase their height, but I am going to have to be fairly consistent and if I go 1/48 make sure that Transits don't look more intimidating than 1/56th Saracens. As for what model of Transit to use I suppose I'll have to do some online research even if the thought of researching Ford Transits makes me feel very nerdy...

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  1. Hi,
    great blog! I use Dinky landrovers for my modern games, they paint up well and are cheap enough on fleabay.
    Keep up the posts this stuff is gaming gold!