Miniatures: 1/56th British Army AFV's

As the missus watches Poirot (or Pie-rot as I like to call him!) on ITV this Christmas night I decided to read through the Battlegames PDF bundle I bought a week or so back. I'd only got into the first few when reading about Mike Siggins' visit to an old toy soldier fair and his quest to buy 54mm Coldstream Guards he mentioned a company called Scarlet and Gold who make 30mm toy soldiers and also that they produce vehicles...

Whilst my 28mm plans are FIBUA based and I probably won't want a Chieftain or Challenger in 1/56th, I can find a use for APC's and light tanks like the Scimitar. A useful looking 20 vehicle range, it includes Warriors (one above), Humvees, Land Rovers and a 105mm towed by a Pinzgauer light truck.

Another 1/56th source is Sloppy Jalopy who do a small range of Cold War era vehicles including a very useful FV432, Humber Pig and a wonderful Saxon APC (above). Once the credit card bill is reduced post Christmas I will be investing in some vehicles from both companies for some 2ECW action.

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