Scenario: Bridges Over The River Mersey

Background: following the capture of Manchester, Royalist forces have launched a two-pronged offensive on Liverpool. The southern prong pushes along the M56 axis overrunning Republican positions at Stretton and Preston Brook with ease before swinging north into Runcorn to capture the strategically vital Runcorn-Widnes rail and road bridges across the Mersey and Manchester Ship Canal.

Their capture will allow the Royalists to push into south Merseyside and threaten the port-city of Liverpool. It is imperative for the Republican cause that the Royalists do not capture either bridge intact so they launch air strikes at the two bridges.

Rules: this scenario has been written with AirWar: C21 in mind.

Republican Forces: 4 x SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1B (player to assign bomb load), 4 x Hawk T.1A escort.

Royalist Forces: 3 x Harrier GR.5 (appear on even number roll on d6, roll once per turn until appear), 2 x Tornado F.3 ADV (appear on a 5 or 6 on d6, roll once per turn until appear), 3 x Blowpipe SAM AAA.

Victory conditions: the Republican Air Force must cause at least 50% damage to both bridges for a narrow victory, destroying them is a major victory.

Terrain: as per the map. Royalist AAA can only be deployed south of the bridges. Aircraft from either side can enter from whatever direction they wish.

Notes: both bridges are classified as large steel/concrete bridges with 15 damage points each.


  1. Nice one Steve. Would make a good alternative Bridge Too Far scenario as well.


  2. I wasn't going to but it is a good idea Mark, I'll have a ponder on Arnehm or Remagen as blueprints.

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