Rules: Force On Force

First off apologies for the lack of updates on the blog. This year, as you may have seen on my Bleaseworld blog, I've been trying to focus my wargaming activities into specific topics each month. Whilst this has been quite productive from an Ancients, WWII and RCW point of view, there was never an intention to forget to keep England Prevails ticking over.

However the good news is that the Royal Wedding and Amazon's 43% off the rrp offer on Force on Force has seen the juices starting to flow again. Largely this is down to Force on Force which has rekindled my interest in moderns and not only kickstart this project but also embark on a parallel late 1980's Cold War clash between the US and USSR in far off Whirarwistan.

If you haven't checked out Force on Force I highly recommend you do so. It is a very flexible system allowing you to fight different types of battle between regulars or with regulars against irregulars in a very small areas (two foot square table recommended for 15 and 20mm). Perfect for either the streets of Liverpool or some mud brick hovel in Whirarwistan.

Also, as part of my theme focus months, May is "moderns month" in Bleaseworld and I plan to not only paint up some troops for Whirarwistan, but also some of the 28mm's I bought for the planned FIBUA games in the 2ECW.


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