News: Royalist Offensive Captures Colchester

10th January 1989: Sky News reported the capture of Colchester as the Royalist offensive swung east after capturing Cambridge.

The Household Cavalry Regiment supported by the Green Howards and Royal Welch Fusiliers smashed through the Republican defensive line held by elements of the Worcestershire & Sherwood Foresters Regiment and Territorial London Regiment, troops from the latter defecting to the Royalist side during the battle.

Republican reinforcements were moved swiftly to Chelmsford to protect the capital from a swift enemy thrust down the A12 axis and troops in Saffron Walden withdrawn to Bishop's Stortford to prevent them being outflanked.


  1. Alright, street names in England officially sound cooler than in America. :)

  2. 'Fraid the only road name there is the A12, although England does indeed have some pretty cool town names.
    You can play round Britain bingo by counting the number of town that have 'Roman Road' or 'Station Road' in them. Double points if the intersect.

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