News: Republicans Advance Up East Coast

12th February 1989: the Republican advance against the dispirited Royalist continued unabated with German armour supported by French and Republican Army units capturing Grantham, Boston and threatening Newark.

Despite the introduction of American Volunteer Group air force support, Royalist morale had plummeted and the army was in disarray. Some units had fallen back on positions such as in King's Lynn and Stamford which the Royalist press claimed were "key defensive positions being held on a fluid battlefield" but in reality the Republicans had bypassed them in their blitzkrieg inspired attack north towards key Royalist locations such as Sheffield and Grimsby.


  1. Really rooting for the Royalists here, hope they can turn it around again and crush the Republic. Your a great storyteller, keep it up!

  2. Steve, out of curiosity what percentage of the British Armed Forces sided with who? also, if Cranwell is the face of the Republican Government, who is the face of the military Rebels?

  3. Hey man, would LOVE to hear about the commonwealth like New Zealand, Australia and the such. I assume they would side with the royalists since the only tie they have legally back to the UK is the Sovereign as our/ their head of state. So would they provide military aid? Civic or economic aid? Any aid at all? Maybe a "Commonwealth Volunteer Force" like the Americans to help without the country really taking a side? Would love to read about them in your next "broadcast"