Miniatures: Commercial Vehicles

Along with the cars I purchased on Friday I also picked up a couple of packs of Fuel Line commercial vehicle packs (three vehicle for a fiver) from Tesco. I've a recycling lorry and one with a skip left to work on, but decided to weather up all the yellow construction vehicles in the two packs.

The car and the SUV really got "messed up" the look of vehicles you often see on motorways and building sites at this time of the year. As with the cars all I satin varnished them before adding a splatter of earth drown paint then a black wash (making sure to mask the windscreen wiper area).

The lorrys are the same basic vehicle with different backs, Same weathering process as the car and SUV, though I did tone down the effect this time.

One of the lorrys came with a load in the form of two extremely recycling containers which make great scenery. Both were satin varnished then weathered with brown paint and a black wash.

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  1. Lovely effect Steve. I'm gonna try using that method myself.