Miniatures: Fuel Line Dream Cars

Civilian vehicles are something of a pain for 28mm gamers, 1/56th looks too small (even if you can get them) and 1/43rd (a common car scale) is a bit too big. Consequently it is a case of what looks right and having seen the Tesco Fuel Line range of toy cars flagged as useful I popped along this morning to see what Tesco Brislington had.

The Fuel Line 'Dream Car' pack contains three super cars (not sure what type but they're the kind you see on Top Gear every week) which whilst the right size seemed at tad too flash for what I wanted. Fortunately at the back of the stand was a different 'Dream Car' pack containing a BMW Z4, Mercedes SLS and Jaguar XKR, not cars in my pay range, but not uncommon on British streets (the Jaguar will make a useful politicians vehicle).

Die-casts invariably come with a bright gloss finish which never looks right on the tabletop so I gave the models a quick satin varnish then a bit of weathering and panel lining using GW washes. I did wonder if I had overdone the silver Merc until I looked out the window at the numerous silver cars in the street which show every bit of dirt going.

I also picked up some construction vehicles which are part way through some heavy weathering and have almost finished the TGWU Liverpool Dockers Militia (bases drying) so expect more photos soon.

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  1. That's a useful tip Steve. The cars look spot on. Thanks.