Miniatures: Police Vehicles

On a trip down to Tesco's to pick up a lorry (more of which soon) I discovered a couple of packs of emergency vehicles which will be great for games including a police car and an ambulance (and a police tow truck which I have  half-formed plan to convert into mounting some kind of support weapon).

As I two ambulances I decided to convert one into a police transit which required repainting the green rectangles blue, tinting the middle side windows with Badab Black wash (darn useful this) and covering the ambulance markings with a fresh coat of paint and some police decals from ASB Models (who produce useful mirror image decals as well as a chequer board to convert other vehicles).

All the diecasts where satin varnished before detailing and weathering. The varnishing helps provide a surface for wash and paint to key to, vital for painting in the recessed panel lines, a trick which helps make any diecast look more like a model and less like a toy.


  1. Good job all round Steve. Like how you've dulled the finish and made the cars more realistic.