Miniatures: British Armour

Went to Colours today and picked up some stuff for 2ECW, namely a GHQ British Combat Command, a pack of Chieftains, some FV432's and some additional infantry.

So why 1:285th you ask, when I had decided to go with Minifigs lovely 10mm? Short answer is whilst looking for some dwarf slayers for my son in the lead mountain, I rediscovered my old GHQ Soviets of which I have rather a lot (enough to paint up for both Afghanistan - the original plan - and West Germany if I use CWC). So lacking a contemporary mechanised OpFor for them I decided my CWC 2ECW battles would be 1:285th so I could also use the British as the BAOR and Berlin Brigade (that'll be fun painting in 6mm!).

Yes they are expensive but as I already had a lot of GHQ Sov's it seemed buying the Brits from H&R was not the right thing to do and they are beautiful models (and the siren of the Wehrmacht '47 stuff is calling - must resist!)