News: Government Seizes Control Of Press

16th December 1988: The Cranwell Government seized control of the British media in an attempt to control the flow of information following the heavy defeat of Government forces in Manchester. 

Citing "lies by the Tory press" and "evidence of treasonable collusion designed to undermine the spirit of the English people", the Security Service stormed editorial offices and printing presses of a number of newspapers shutting them down, whilst installing Home Office advisors in those such as the Daily Mirror, Guardian and Morning Star which were allowed to continue operating. Home Office advisors were also installed in BBC and ITN newsrooms to "assist in the free flow of accurate news to the public".


  1. Loving all the recent updates. Particularly taken by the faked newspaper reports.

  2. Thanks - they do take a little more effort than the TV reports (though I am making sure the presenters are correct for the time period).