Miniatures: Helicopters

The current issue (7)  of the Helicopter Magazine partwork comes complete with a very useful 1/72nd pre-painted Westland Wessex HU.5 the Royal Navy troop transporter (so ideal for getting your Marines into battle). I think it could also do duty as a HC.2 with an RAF repaint. At £7.99 this is really good value.

Earlier issues of the magazine came with a Westland Sea King that could be used as a Westland Commando troop carrier and a wonderful Chinook HC2, both worth getting hold of, even if they probably need a repaint, as they were in service for the late eighties.

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  1. Love it Steve, the good old Wessex; last time I rode in one of those beasts was after being extracted from a field in South Armagh at 0300 hrs, back in '91 - good meories.